2008 Silver Olympic Medal Award in the International “Olympic Spirit in Beijing 2008” Competition. Her work Peace can be found in a public space in Beijing City.
2008 Awarded from the Pikermi Municipality, for contribution to art.
2004 Creates covers for the ‘ABC Primary School Dictionary’ and ‘P.A. Teachers Guide’.
1999 Awarded by the ‘Historical Memory for the EOKA Battle’ Council from the Education and Cultural Ministry of Cyprus.
1996 Given the United Nations ‘International Peace Award’ for her contribution in the Dodecanese Unesco Association.
1991 Nazionale Premio Arte e Sport, Italy.
1989 O.P.D.S. Distinguished Award for ‘Didactics of Art’.
1989 9th Premio Internazionale: Fontane di Roma.
1987-1988 Municipality of Athens, awarded with the commission and produces ‘Communication’ a public work and now located at Messogion Avenue in Athens.
1987 Sculptors Association Award.
1987 Awarded by the Municipality of Holargos.
1987 Distinguish Award from the Organization for Publication of Didactic Books, illustrates two books, English text.
1982 Medal of Paneuropean Matches.
1980 Anthropologist Institute of Greece.